Content writer

for B2B SaaS

I help B2B SaaS companies create content that drives organic traffic, builds thought leadership, and converts high-quality leads.

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You want to increase organic traffic, and convert more qualified leads.

You want to transform your in-house expertise into engaging content.

You want to share your customers success stories with the world.

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I write blog posts, articles, customer case stories, and white papers for B2B SaaS.

Are you concerned that your product or service is too complex for me?

Don’t be. I’m used to tackling topics like ISO 27001, Agenda 2030, and NIS2.

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Paulina Lönnquist
Content writer B2B SaaS

How can I help you?


SEO-optimised blog posts and articles that increase organic traffic to your website.

CONTENT marketing

Blog posts and articles that attract, engage, and retain your potential customers.

thought leadership

Blog posts and articles that position your company as an authority.

white papers

White papers that help you convert more qualified leads.


Customer case studies that convince decision-makers to purchase your product or service.


Blog posts and articles that guide your buyer personas through the customer journey.


Contact me if you need:

A content writer specialising in B2B SaaS companies.

Help increasing traffic, converting leads, and building thought leadership.

Blog posts, articles, white papers, and customer case studies.